SHIFT Golf Fitness is a complete sports-specific conditioning program strictly dedicated to enhance golf performance. The SHIFT program is designed to effectively develop swing speed, power, concentration, endurance, balance and flexibility. These developments are achieved by several methods of innovative and Bio-Mechanics sports-specific training techniques.





    “I am a 47 year old, 13 handicap index and have utilized various functional weight training programs my entire life. I feel Phillip does a very good job of connecting the exercises to the golf swing. The workouts were very specific to my assessed weaknesses and were not physically taxing, nor are they designed to be (the goal was not to build muscle mass here, rather to stabilize my overall fitness and golf swing), I have felt my swing balance and body awareness during the golf swing improve 300% by performing his outlined exercises.
    In summary, I am very pleased with my results thus far (I have just completed the first month introductory program) and have felt a positive impact on my posture, balance and tempo during the golf swing. I have just committed to an additional 3 months and highly recommend contacting Phillip at Shift Training if you’re looking for a specific program that is designed with your individual needs and goals in mind.”



    “Being a semi-beginner golfer, I took 5 golf lessons with Phillip and my game has improved a 1000%. Not only does he teach how to hit each club, gain power with the proper fundamental swing motion, offer suggestions on what type of club is better for my range of motion that day, but really helps me develop the “mental” side of the game, he does it with a calming patience, professionalism and a crazy personality! Phillip goes the extra mile in using multiple approaches that I can understand. Thanks again coach!”



    “Phillip is a very dedicated trainer and mental coach who is passionate about what he does and cares about his clients. His expertise and persistence in these capacities have been invaluable to both Caleb’s mental and physical game. Phillip has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset, and he instills confidence and encouragement, allowing our son to work harder and apply himself more diligently.”

    Caleb Scottsdale, AZ


    “Working with Shift Training has made a big difference in my game. Phillip is highly knowledgeable about becoming more fit and achieving better golf results. His personable and practical approach makes improving strength, stability and flexibility easier than seemed possible. I highly recommend Shift Training’s golf fitness programs!”

    Tyler Fountain Hills, AZ


    “My personal training experience has really made me feel better, both physically and in terms of boosting my self-esteem. Before working out with Phillip, I had pain in my back and knees, and was carrying too much weight for my 5 foot 6 frame. My biggest challenge was my waistline, and the love-handles/muffin top around my hips. I have always been active, but found that my work out methods and diet weren’t working. With Phillip’s twice weekly regimen, I have no more back or knee pain, and have strengthened all of my body. Most of all, I have lost that flab around my stomach. I feel challenged each week, and Phillip combines different exercises using bands, weights, and discs. I now have increased stamina and a newfound energy level. My personal training with Shift Training has helped me look and feel great!”

    Nancy M. Detroit, MI


    “Phillip Musial is one of the most knowledgeable sport fitness trainers when it comes to understanding how a total fitness program relates to the golf swing. Shift Training’s methods provided me with a total golf conditioning program that helped my golf performance and prevented injuries. His training program will help golfers of all levels and ages improve their performance and achieve a golf swing fit for life. Phillip’s knowledge of how a fitness program relates to the golf swing is second to none.”

    Josh H. Los Angeles, CA


    “Phillip is an amazing golf instructor. He can watch you silently for five minutes while you swing away, and then, BAM!!! See what needs to be addressed, like a golf whisperer! He has an uncanny ability to analyze form and function and see things in his mind. Whether you are a novice or an experienced golfer, Phillip can take your mind, body, and nutrition to the next level.”



    “Golf is a really tough sport to improve at. Phillip has helped me take 4 strokes off my handicap in just a few short lessons. Next year with his help I plan on taking 4 more strokes off!!! He understands my limitations and works with them very nicely to maximize my playing abilities.”

    James T. Denver, CO


    “Phillip is a great & patient golf instructor…. Took my first virtual “lesson” and I learned a lot! Phillip made the videos fun, easy and relaxing. I’m a brand new golfer so I will be back for more lessons. Highly highly recommend Philip at Shift Golf.”

    Carl G. Lansing, MI


    “Thank you Phillip!!! These Callaway Big Bertha’s were the missing piece I was needing. The perfect balance between weight & forgiveness…. Much appreciate your recommendation on these clubs… they’re awesome!! 👍🏽–”

    “ Winners see what they want. Losers see what they don’t want. Don’t let the game eat you; you eat the game. ”

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    Phillip Musial
    Phillip MusialFounder of SHIFT TRAINING

    SHIFT TRAINING is dedicated to the health, well being and performance of golfers worldwide. We believe that by enhancing one’s physical abilities and areas of focus including strength training, flexibility, stamina, stability, confident mindset and nutrition, we can change the outcome of the golf swing for each individual. We will strive to establish a precedent for the future of golf performance everywhere. We will offer the most advanced and comprehensive fitness related programs for golf available on the web today. Powerful golf performance begins with a strong result-driven mind. Our goal will be to educate golfers on the optimal functioning of their mind, body and nutrition and how it can be translated to the golf course and everyday life.

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